Our extensive resort has about 30 hectares of land. Settled on our land there is the main house with the restaurant, the wine cellar, the children's play house (for the rainy days), the children's playground and the apartments. A little further away, in the former stables, the breakfast room and other rooms. Childrens will find enough space to play. We offer a giant tepee, a children's train and a playground with a slide and sandpit. There is plenty of room to play football. We have two pools to swim or jump into. Many "vehicles" are waiting in the courtyard of the restaurant to be played with.  

Blick nach Cortemilia

Azienda Gallo in figures:

  • 30 hectares total
  • at around 400m above sea level
  • approximately 10 acres of meadow / pasture
  • about 10 hectares of forest
  • approximately 10 acres of cereal crops (spelt)
  • 1/2 acre vegetable cultivation with greenhouse