Our farm is still a real working farm! Which means we are by no means merely a show farm - but: the animals on our Azienda like to be loved! Especially the donkeys and goats are very popular with the children. On a tour with Domenico at feeding time you will see the chickens, emus, pigs, sheeps and goats. Even deers can be seen from time to time. You are likely to meet them when Domenico shows up with the food and his little tractor around 10 o'clock. "Lori" our parrot and "Schakka" and "Cicho" our two farm dogs mostly enjoy the sun. They have no objection against being patted either. And with a little luck, you can admire some puppies or on a sunny spring morning, a newborn lamb.


Livestock November 2013:

  • Horses: 4
  • Donkey: 6
  • Goats: 7
  • Sheep: 70
  • Lamb: 8
  • Cows: 12
  • Calf: 4
  • Pigs:4
  • Piglet: 6
  • Guinea fowl: 6
  • Chickens: 11
  • Rooster: 1
  • Capons: 7
  • Fallow Deer: 26
  • Emus: 2
  • Dogs: 2
  • Parrot: 1